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LithoFoam® Foaming agent

  • Product variety: various foaming agents to enhance your product´s quality
  • Aerated Concrete density adjustable 1600-75 kg/m³
  • Neutral, technical odor
  • tailor made additives to your application
  • Very competitive prices

LithoFoam® Foaming Agents are the most essential additive to produce LithoPore®`Aerated Concrete - LPAC, however not the only one. Specifically for lower densities between 75 and 300 kg/m³ other additives are required in order to guarantee a stable and consistent end product. At the end it is an interaction between specifically developped machinery and biotechnological additives, that are resulting into a unique product and are guaranteeing your business success. We have therefore developped a broad range of various foaming agents, that are specifically applicable with our machinery. Every foaming agent is leading to a different effect. If you are intrested to learn more about our unique manufacturing process of LithoFoam® Foaming Agents please click here .

LithoFoam® SL 200-L - The standardized Top Seller
15 Years of consequent improvement have led finally to thousands of sold metric tons all over the world. LithoFoam® SL 200-L is characterized through a strong stability and contains strength increasing components for the related end product. It is therefore not only a pure foaming agent but more over a compound. The slightly liquifying effect is predistining this additive next to block and panel production also for flooring and roofing applications. See below at the download section for Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets.

LithoFoam® HV 250-L - The insulation Star
LithoFoam® HV 250-L is characterized through a slightly viscose effect. The more additive will be injected through foam into the LithoPore® Aerated Concrete - LPAC, the more viscose the product gets. This additive is therefore well suitable for insulation materials, such as insulating boards, infill for hollow blocks or insulating layers for wall panels. See below at the download section for Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets.

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