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LithoPore® - LPAC Road Sub-Base

  • Fireproofed (totally inorganic)
  • Fully recyclable (ordinary construction waste)
  • Costs Savings
  • Environmental friendly as produced at site

LithoPore® - LPAC Road Sub-Base can be used in road construction to reduce the overall heavy weight of the road structure. This building method is particularly applied in areas of soft ground.
Specifically if lighter filling materials have to be collected from fare distance it makes sence to use LithoPore® - LPAC Road Sub-Base to bring down the involved costs for road construction projects. Typically also the road ramps are sub-based by LithoPore® - LPAC Road Sub-Base.

metric imperial
entity value entity value
Density [kg/m³] 150-300 [pcf] 9.4-18.7
Thermal [W/mK] 0.045 - 0.080 [R-value per in] 1.9-2.9
Compression [KPa] 250-900 [PSI] 37-132
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