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LithoPore® - LPAC Pre Cast Modular Wall System

  • Fireproofed (totally inorganic)
  • Fully recyclable (ordinary construction waste)
  • Completely Prefabricated
  • Faster and cost effective construction method

LithoPore® - LPAC Pre Cast Modular Wall System can be used to cast complete walls under horizontal conditions. Based on the pouring table various dimensions in height and length can be applied.
This is a typical application for containerized and standardized building methods. Depending on the size of the wall system diverse reinforcements are essential to ensure transportation, handling at construction side and load bearing effects.

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entity value entity value
Density [kg/m³] 800-1400 [pcf] 49.9-87.4
Thermal [W/mK] 0.23 - 0.47 [R-value per in] 0.31-0.63
Compression [MPa] 3.5-12.0 [PSI] 515-1764
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