Application Machinery Additives
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  • Suitable for all cutting machines
  • Guarantee for a high quality of end product
  • Long life
  • Quick and easy to assemble and dis-assemble

In order to complete the whole LithoPore® Block Production we have engineered a specific type of mould for the hardening of LithoPore® Aerated Concrete – LPAC. The moulds are specifically designed for the use in all types of LithoPore® Cutting systems.
They are equipped with gaskets to avoid leakage during the hardening time to achieve a high quality result. For the mould handling we provide also rails and turn tables for the whole manual movement of moulds.

Entity Value
Maximum dimensions [mm] 1220x1220, height 700
Maximum volume [l] 1041.88
Effective net dimensions [mm] 1200x1200, height 600
Effective net volume [l] 864
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