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LithoPore® - Station 500M

  • Maximum mobility
  • Large scale production, high capacity
  • On-site production
  • For mobile use

The LithoPore® Station 500M is a fully automated truck / trailer based mobile plant for large scale production of LithoPore® Aerated Concrete – LPAC. It includes a three step mixing system with specific slurry preparation as well as a LPAC mixer in the second stage. Due to an integrated third mixer, the material flow becomes continuous however remains still based on batching system. The end product quality therefore is fully constant and reproducible and fullfill international quality standards.
The LithoPore® Station 500M is equipped also with raw material stocking systems for cement and filler as well as water and additive storing and dosing systems for a high autonomy.
The foaming system is based on our worldwide unique low pressured foaming system and is forming up a very strong foam bubble membrane. This system is solely developed for the unique advanced foaming agent brand LithoFoam®.

Entity Value
LPAC capacity per cycle [l] 500
LPAC capacity per hour [m³/h] 10 - 17
Density range [kg/m³] 100 - 1400
Power requirements [kW]
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