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LithoPore® - Silo System TT

  • Complete system
  • Adapted for LithoPore® Station 1500-6000
  • Easy shipment
  • For stationary use

The LithoPore® Silo System TT is the ideal solution for combining with the stationary LithoPore® Station 1500-6000. It’s a telescopic vertical type of silo, that can be stowed in 40 feet oversea containers and shipped around the globe. Next to the silo itself the LithoPore® Silo System TT contains an inverter driven screw conveyor, silo vibrators and a fluidification system with integrated filter to guarantee a constant material flow into the weighing scales of the LithoPore® Station 1500-6000. The accurate dosing is essential key factor for final quality of LithoPore® Aerated Concrete – LPAC. The LithoPore® Silo System TT is available in various sizes.

Entity Value
Silo capacity [m³] 44
Cement capacity [t] > 55
Screw conveyor capacity adjustable
Power requirements [kW]
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