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LithoPore® - LPAC Pipe Cementing

  • Fireproofed (totally inorganic)
  • Fully recyclable (ordinary construction waste)
  • Void filling ability due to adjsutable viscosity

LithoPore® - LPAC Pipe Cementing is used if diameters of larger pipelines or water supply lines have to be reduce. In a first step the new pipe with smaller diameter will be placed in the old pipe.
The empty space will than be filled with LithoPore® - LPAC Pipe Cementing to avoid any change of positon of the new pipe as to reduce any occurring vibrations due to the upcoming flows.

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Density [kg/m³] 200-800 [pcf] 12.5-49.9
Thermal [W/mK] 0.06 - 0.23 [R-value per in] 0.63-2.4
Compression [MPa] 0.25-6.0 [PSI] 37-882
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